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Coldstream is a village on the border of England and Scotland situated on the river Tweed.

How appropriated is it to name our kennel to the area were this beloved breed has it's origin!!!

Our goal is to selectively breed and produce the highest quality Border Terrier, for show, performance and agility and be the best companions, with the emphasis on temperament, soundness and health.Our foundation dogs now have children that are becoming champions themselves and it is a pleasure to see it all continue.

The Border Terrier is the most pleasant dog to be around . They can sleep on your lap for hours, almost un-terrier like but when they are outside they would like to chase vermin and you would not recognize them. They are all of a sudden a working terrier! But they have to get along with other dogs during this adventure.

We have Best in Show dogs and multiple Group winning dogs, however besides the conformation ring they love to go with us to earth dog and chase the rat.

It is our responsibility to produce a well balanced dog, that can excel in conformation,obedience,agility,earth dog and besides all that is the best pet and lapdog ever!!!!

Enjoy the pictures and visit us often!!!

Coldstream Border Terriers



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