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About Us:

Rob and Gina Cobussen.

Gina the groomer is a life long dog person. She has shown dogs professionally for many years and retired in 1997 from the dog show scene and came back again:). Learned pet grooming and went to work for a mobile pet groomer for 3 years and ownes her own salon since 10 years .You could say pets are her passion.

Rob, also a life long dog person, bred and showed Old English Sheepdogs and Giant Schnauzers in the Netherlands. He came to the US in 1995 and showed and bred Giant Schnauzers. He takes care of the business side and logistics.You could say pets are his passion.

Together we own Coldstream Border Terriers and breed and show this wonderful breed. You could say pets are our passions.  

Enjoy the pictures and visit us often!!!

Gina and Walker @ Westminster 2012

Courtesy Phillip Angert

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